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Not only teeth and gums, bur also the tongue needs regular care. Our new product is a bamboo tongue cleaner, which has the same composition as the bamboo brush. The minimal difference is in the bristles, which are specially made and adapted for cleaning the tongue, like all our products, the tongue cleaner is made without the use of harmful plastics - phthalates and BPA. The tongue cleaner is specially designed to remove accumulated bacteria from the surface of the tongue and thus improve the overall oral cavity hygiene. For hygienic reasons, it is not recommended to clean your tongue with a toothbrush, but with a tongue cleaner instead.

The handle of the brush is made of 5 years ripened wild and sustainable organic Moso bamboo, one of the many positive properties of bamboo is that it is naturally antimicrobial and does not need any artificial fertilisers or pesticides, thanks to this fact its production does not harm nature and the environment. The tongue cleaner is packed in a recyclable paper package.