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Are you travelling for a weekend getaway or a summer vacation to the seaside, and  find out while packing that you have nowhere to store your toothbrush safely? Just throwing it  into your suitcase together with other things or clothes is not exactly the best and most hygienic solution, so we have come up with an effective solution for you and we are pleased to announce that we have successfully solved your problem!


The bamboo case for the toothbrush not only has a sophisticated design, but is also practical and 100% environmentally friendly, because it is made of heat-treated Moso bamboo. The bamboo case is ideal for travel, it is light, does not take up much space, fits in any backpack, and most importantly: your toothbrush is hygienically stored in the case and like all our products, the bamboo case is biodegradable and compostable, so there is no long-term waste created by our product.