White and healthy smile without using any harmful chemistry?

A smile is the most beautiful curve on our body and that is not said without reason or as Charles Gordy said ­„A smile is an inexpensive way to change your looks.“. A person who smiles seems to us friendly, accessible and many times it is the first thing we notice about someone. Teeth are an inseperable part of beautiful smile, after all who would resist the bright white smile and wouldn´t return it? And as if not every one of us is so lucky that the nature has given him a stunning white shade of teeth, there is a product Brilliant COCO that enables you to achieve this change without any harmful chemistry on a purely natural basis, free from preservatives and a magnificent feeling of fresh mouth thanks to which you´ll be smiling more often,, with more confidence and happiness.


What Brilliant COCO is?

Brilliant COCO is 100% natural product which contains a natural coconut oil and natural aromatic ingredients to improve and accentuate the taste because the coconut oil itself doesn´t have to be pleasant-tasting to everyone even it can be bitter. The coconut oil is obtained from coconut flesh by squeezing or extraction and thanks to its content of beneficial fatty acids, vitamins and minerals it has wide range of uses from the inside as well as from the outside. This unique combination without any excess chemistry and preservatives assures you not only effective but as well as tasty way how to achieve perfect and white smile also with other benefits that the coconut oil offers.


How Brilliant COCO works?

The main effective ingredient of this product is 100% natural coconut oil which positive effects not only on teeth but also on hair, skin, even on the immunity are still more and more recognized. Our products Brilliant COCO are based on a method called „oil pulling“ that is ancient and natural Ayurvedic method used for detoxication of the body which consists in applying bio virgin oil to the teeth and oral cavity where, as we know, are many bacteria causing plaque that is subsequently the source of the tooth decay, bad smell from the mouth or even the cause of inflammation of the gums. This healing process already known from the ancient history, as it was mentioned before, consists in applying the coconut oil for 5 – 15 minutes, the oil melts down and thanks to the activation of enzymes reduces the ammount of harmful bacteria in the mouth. It is normal and common to have dental plaque but when its formation gets out of your control, it can cause a lot of different problems starting from problems with not very nice yellowing of teeth to more serious and unpleasant ones requiring the dental treatment. Moreover it is supposed  that not only the teeth are whiter, the tooth enamel is more resistant, the gums are healthier and bad smell from mouth disappears after using the therapy but thanks to this procedure dangerous and harmful substances are getting out from the body too, our skin is stronger, as well as our immune system and related to this the overall health too.